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About Us

Welcome to Canpagne!

We are a premium sparkling rosé wine and RTD wine cocktail company that focuses on mimosas and making the most popular wine cocktail in the world accessible year-round and better than anything anyone can make at home or order in a restaurant.

We have enhanced the things that people love about mimosas and improved them significantly by giving the consumer four flavor options that cover the spectrum of consumer palates and trends to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Tropical flavors are covered by our new Passion Fruit Mimosa which is a delicious blend of Passion Fruit and Orange Juice while our Peach Mimosa is a beautiful blend of ripe white and orange flesh peaches with orange juice for brightness and acidity. Our new Mixed Berry Mimosa is a beautiful combination of raspberry, blueberry, and strawberries with a hint of orange juice for a wonderfully refreshing cocktail that takes advantage of summer fruit flavors with a hint of refreshing tartness and acidity. Our new classic Blood Orange Mimosa is a vibrantly colored and intensely flavored take on the Mimosa with exceptional flavor and vibrant acidity that makes a wonderful companion to any meal or occasion. The heart of everything we do is our Canpagne Rosé. We use exceptionally high quality grapes from the Finger Lakes region in NY which is renowned for its ability to produce exceptional Rieslings and wines of incredible acidity due to the cooler climate and more northern growing region. It is this wine that helps produce all of our outstanding mimosas as well as deliver a beautiful sparkling rosé that is equally delicious on its own.

Whats makes us unique? Quite simply, we have the highest carbonation of any canned sparkling RTD and this has only been achieved through the hard work and execution of our partners at Shorts Brewing. We have lab tested our cocktails versus the competition out there and, in most cases, they are over 50% higher carbonation than anyone else. Why is this important?

High quality carbonation has a significant and desirable effect on sparkling cocktails as it provides a natural boost in carbonic acid which enhances flavor and allows the natural sweetness in the fruit to be more pronounced without the addition or need for any added sugar. In addition, the entire cocktail is carbonated so the drink stays carbonated and bubbly for hours after being opened even at room temperature. This is why we have the most refreshing RTD on the market and our customers love our products.

David DesForges
Co-Founder and Principal Winemaker

David DesForges joins Canpagne Wine Co with over a decade of wine industry experience. David, a Certified Sommelier, has been General Manager of a large negotiant company producing over 175 thousand cases of wine a year as well as acting as GM for smaller boutique producers. He started his career in wine managing DTC programs of some of the most iconic wineries in Napa Valley such as Beaulieu and Merryvale and even served a stint as Wine Director for celebrity chef Micheal Chairello. David resides in the Napa Valley with the love of his life and their 4 children.

Ovid Battat

Ovid Battat joins Canpagne Wine Co. with over 18 years of wine industry experience. Ovid, a certified sommelier, has been working in National Accounts On and Off Premise for the last ten years with the Diageo portfolio as well as multiple historic Napa Valley wineries. He previously led the Diageo wine business for FL and started his career by establishing his own wine, olive oil, and chocolate import business representing over 130 brands and family-owned producers. Ovid resides in FL with his beloved Labs and awesome family.

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